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Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a program administered by the Social Security Administration to provide assistance to those who are disabled or blind and have limited income and resources. As of 2011, the SSI monthly benefit rate was $674 for individuals and $1,011 for couples.paydayloans16 Student loans are funds, borrowed by students, intended for educational and other related expenses. Student loans may come from financial institutions, government agencies, or even relatives, but must be paid back. In many cases, students do not need to begin repayment of loans until after graduation.

The Social Security Agency does not consider money acquired through loans to be part of your income. Therefore, if you get student loans through a financial institution, government agency or even from a friend or relative, the money you receive will have no impact on your SSI check in the month that you receive the loan. You must enter into a valid loan agreement, which is enforceable under state law, for the Social Security Agency to consider the money that you receive as loan funds. A valid loan agreement can be oral or in writing.

If you receive a student loan but do not immediately use all of the funds from the loan, you may exceed your SSI resource limit and affect your SSI payday loans While student loans do not count towards your income, any funds from a loan that you do not spend within the month that you receive the loan are considered a financial resource. If the value of your resources, which includes cash, property, land and vehicles, is more than $3,000, you are no longer eligible for SSI benefits. Therefore, you must spend your student loan funds on education and other expenses as soon as possible after receipt to avoid risking your SSI eligibility.

American Mayhem at Molly Malone

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

kick offof the United States’ match against Slovenia. jerseys, flags, scarfs, and bandanas:

Pregame The local American Outlaws supporters group just sang one of their songs for a Fox 5 news crew. Soon a guy at the bar in a Jozy Altidore jersey and a pitcher of beer in front of himperforms his best rendition of “The Lion King” opening theme. He has a tough time with whatever African language the lyrics are in, and thus butchers it. “You even know where Slovenia is?” onefan asks his buddy. “It’s not in America,” his pal replies. “That’s all I know.” Then someone blows into one of those controversialvuvuzelas and people start booing. almost scored. Almost. And in the span of just a minute, it’s deafly silent. Slovenia scores again, 2 0.

Halftime One guy at the bar lets out an anguished, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Some of the Outlaws each take a shot of Jameson. “Here’s tothree goals and three points in the second half!” one says.wholesale jerseys The drinking is picking up. Shots and cans of PBR offer at least some level of comfort tomy fellow patriots.

48th minute Real American hero Landon Donovan about decapitates the Slovenia goalkeeper with that strike. responds, 2 1!

American man who wanted sex with Canadian girl

TORONTO An American man who travelled to Canada to have sex with a 13 year old girl who had sent him nude videos could be jailed for up to 50 years, according to his written plea agreement. The two pursued their contact via social media and text messaging, and he asked her to be his girlfriend.

They also exchanged nude and sexually explicit photos and videos, and he persuaded her to engage in sexual conduct, according to the agreed statement of facts in the plea agreement.

Do, of Garden Grove, Calif., told immigration officials he was planning to visit another 22 year old woman in Calgary he had met online, the documents show. and the other woman with the aim of obstructing justice, the documents show. to lie that she had told him she was actually 16 years old, and wanted the other woman to say he was in town to meet her for coffee.

Do will be required to register as a sex offender, take part in sex offender programming, stay away from the victim and other children and not access any child pornography as part of the plea deal. Attorney Eileen Decker said.

not for the timely intervention of law enforcement here and in Canada, a greater tragedy would almost certainly have occurred. is scheduled to formally enter his plea in court at the end of the month, his lawyer said Wednesday. It not clear when he might be sentenced, but the agreement waives his right to appeal any prison sentence under nine years.

Airlines prep for holiday crush

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

DALLAS Airlines are shifting the timing of thousands of flights, even adding dozens of redeyes, as they try to avoid delays while hauling millions of passengers from now through the Christmas weekend.

Success or failure could all depend on the weather.

Airlines expect about 38 million passengers over a 17 day period spanning Christmas and New Year an increase of about 3 percent, according to an industry trade group, Airlines for America. The group says the average flight could be 90 percent full.

Crowds like that mean that any hiccup in the system delays at a major airport, wholesale nfl jerseys a technology glitch can ripple across the country and leave tens of thousands of passengers standing in airport lines.

“The biggest factor is always weather,” said American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein.

Back to back storms led to more than 4,300 canceled flights around Christmas 2012. This time the Northeast corridor not only should be free of snow and ice, it should be relatively balmy with temperatures on Christmas Day in the 60s from New York to Boston. But rain and snow are forecast through Thursday in parts of the West, and the South and Ohio Valley could see severe storms before Christmas.

Airlines have been helped recently by the El Ni pattern that has brought above average temperatures to northern states. “We saw that through the Thanksgiving holiday season, and we seen that through November and December,” said Steve Hozdulick, Southwest Airlines managing director of operational performance.

United posted its lowest flight cancellation rate ever for a Thanksgiving week, and Southwest had its best on time performance ever for the day before the holiday, which helps reduce other problems such as lost or delayed bags. A year earlier, when the weather was worse, delays ran between 12 percent and 31 percent.

Besides the vagaries of weather, airlines in recent years have done a better job of adjusting schedules for peak holiday periods. airlines added up to 700 flights a day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, compared with the same days last week. They cut about 4,400 flights on Christmas Eve and 5,700 on Friday, Christmas Day, when fewer people want to travel, he said.

Delta Air Lines and its Delta Connection affiliate scheduled 5,253 flights next Sunday, compared with fewer than 5,000 on a typical winter Sunday. Southwest expected Wednesday to be its busiest day, with more than 3,800 flights.

The peak day was last Friday for American, with 6,900 flights, and United, nearly 5,000, but both will also operate increased flights each of the next two Sundays.

Some of the additional flights are late at night, which gives travelers more options and sometimes a lower fare. American and United successfully used the redeye tactic over Thanksgiving.

At Delta, some extra flights will connect big cities that get heavy traffic all the time, while others will go to warm weather destinations, said spokesman Morgan Durrant. Delta will occasionally use bigger planes. Through Jan. 3 there is an Atlanta Salt Lake City round trip using a 293 seat Airbus A330 instead of smaller planes such as Boeing 737s with just 160 seats.

The airlines say they will have enough employees on hand to handle the extra passengers.

The Transportation Security Administration is also adjusting staffing, said spokesman Mike England. Wait times at security checkpoints have increased this year, and passengers can expect longer delays during the holidays, he said. Holiday travelers slow the process when they overstuff carry on bags, which makes them harder to screen.

Helping Wounded Wildlife

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Veterinarian Patricia Bright and her staff huddle around a metal examination table, discussing a scar on a barn owl’s eye and a cut on a screech owl’s face. Staff members discuss the appetites of the birds at this medical center. (Text deleted.)

“All the screeches have been eating,” says Alicia DeMay.

DeMay is happy and relieved because she’s the wildlife physical therapist who monitors how much weight the big birds gain or lose during their recovery at the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro.

Suddenly, all discussion stops and the staff moves into action as an injured great horned owl that arrives from Sweet Briar College about 90 minutes away.Canada Goose sale The bird swooped down on prey, only to get caught in a barbed wire fence that tore into the flesh of its wing, exposing muscle and bone.

Assisting the vet, DeMay holds the owl’s sharp talons with her gloves and administers anesthesia to relax it. The bird stinks, probably from one of its prey.

“They usually come in smelling like skunk,” she says good naturedly, wrinkling her nose as the odor makes her nostrils burn.

Mild weather in this eastern portion of the Shenandoah Valley entices animals to get out and about more often, says center director Ed Clark. Abnormal animal activity means a busy winter season for medical and rehabilitation staff members at the wildlife center, which cares everything from voles and bluebirds to eagles and bears. This year’s numbers are double compared with the same time last year.

Doctors try to determine how each animal got injured. Sadly, some are hurt beyond repair. Others that can’t return to the wild are sent to sites such as the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News and Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton.

But that’s not the ideal outcome.

A day spent at the wildlife center introduces you to what Bright and her team does best getting hawks, owls and eagles well and released back into their natural habitats.

1 Early morning, it’s time to give daily medications There’s nothing easy about forcing a pill or dropper of medication down the throat of a big beaked bird, with sharp claws to boot. Wildlife rehabilitator Alicia DeMay grips the talons and supports the back of a red tailed hawk while veterinarian resident Priscilla Joyner handles the medication. A bright red bandage prevents the hawk from doing further damage to a broken wing while it heals. In 2005, the center saw 50 red tailed hawks, along with about 37 hawks of other species.

DeMay, who has worked at the center for about five years, is adept at holding the birds so they can’t scratch or bite her. Later that day, she helps tend to an injured owl, strategically positioning her fingers on either side of the bird’s skull to keep it from swiveling around to nip her.

“We try to minimize handling the animals, so we use medications that need to be given just once a day instead of twice a day,” says Bright.

2 Mid morning, updates are done on patient progress Wing injuries can make or break a bird’s life in the wild, so the wildlife center carefully documents how those injuries heal.

Priscilla Joyner compares old and new X rays on a bird receiving treatment for a broken wing. Joyner is a veterinarian resident, having studied wildlife medicine at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

Raptors, or birds of prey such as owls and eagles, are frequent patients at the center, arriving with broken wings or gunshot wounds.

Raptors often get hurt when they swoop down alongside or directly onto roadways to snatch prey such as rodents attracted to road salt. Collisions between moving vehicles and birds are unavoidable, Joyner says.

3 Later on, cage visits are made Each injured or ill wild animal is assigned a cage and a case number, and staff members assess and monitor their progress daily, including weight and appetite. Animals are also kept as comfortable as possible. For instance, box turtles often injured by lawnmowers or dogs are each put into a colorful plastic tub where they soak in water as part of a stress reduction and hydration process. A Canada goose with a bad wing sits in the center of a towel wrapped into a donut shape to help relieve pressure on its body.

All types of wild animals end up at the wildlife center, the smallest critters being mice with babies, says Bright.

And, yes, even voles are given their due respect and nursed back to good health.

4 Later than morning, patient patience wears thin Casual conversation is kept to a minimum at the wildlife center, because human voices tend to stress patients. This guy, a small screech owl, has had about all he can take, and decides to bite the gloved finger of his handler during a treatment.