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Thursday, January 24th, 2013

A great vocabulary revision game. The student at the front on each line runs to the board and mustwrite a word in this lexical set beginning with A on the board. She then hands the chalkor pen to the next person in the row (and runs to the back of the line), who adds a wordbeginning with B until they reach Z. If they cannot think of a word beginning with aparticular letter they can leave a space, but the team with most words at the end is thewinner2. Abstract PictureDraw a big rectangle on the board. Draw in the rectangle a variety of squiggles (lines),doodles, shapes (and colors if you have them). Ask the class what they think the picturerepresents. Assure the students that there is no right or wrong answer and encouragethem to use their imaginations.3. As the phrases are suggested, write the adjectives in a columndown the left hand side of the board, and the nouns on the right hand side. If someone suggests a strange combination, he/shehas to justify it.3. Ambiguous PictureDraw a small part of a picture. Ask the students what it’s going to be. Encourage differentopinions. Don’t confirm or reject theirideas. Add a little more to the drawing and ask thequestion again. Build the picture up in about four stages.4. AssociationsStart by suggesting an evocative word: ’storm’, for example. A student says what theword suggests to him or her.wholesale jerseys from china It might be ‘dark’. The next student suggests an associationwith the word ‘dark’, and so round on the class. Here are the other words you may startwith: sea, fire, tired, holiday, morning, English, home, angry. Or use an item ofvocabulary the class has recently learnt.6. Blackboard BingoWrite on the board 10 to 15 words which you’d like to review. Tell the students to chooseany five of them and write them down. When

they crossed off all their five words, they tell you, by shouting ‘Bingo’. Keep a record ofwhat you say in order to be able to check that the students really have heard all theirwords.7. Brainstorm round a wordTake a word the class has recently learnt, and ask the students to suggest all the wordsthey associate with it. Write each suggestionon the board with a line joining it to theoriginal word, in a circle, so that you can get a ’sunray’ effect. If the original was ‘clothes’for example, you might get: dress, scarf, skirt, coat, shirt, hat, socks, jeans8. Chain storyBegin telling a story. This can be the first few lines of a story from your course book, orimprovised or you can invite a student to start. Then, going round the class, each studenthas to add another brief ‘installment’ to the story.9. There should always be one less chair than participants. Depending on what youwant to revise the teacher says, “Change places if .(Example) you’re wearingtrainers.” All students who are wearing trainers must stand up, and move to anotherchair and the teacher should sit on one of the recently vacated seats. The person leftwithout a seat stays in the middle and gives the next command, “Change places if you.(Example) have brown eyes” and so it goes on. Adapt for higher levels withcommands such as, “Change places if you went to the cinema last weekend”, or”Change places if you would like to have less homework.” Young learners can getvery excited with this game so make it clear from the beginning that pushing otherstudents out of chairs and similar behaviour is not going to be tolerated! Be careful toincorporate this activity in the class at an appropriate time. It is a definitely a ‘warmer’ asopposed to a ‘cooler’ and may be better at the end of a class.10. Changing sentencesChoose a simple sentence pattern, which can be based on a grammatical structureyou’ve recently learnt. For example, if you have been studying indirect objects take asentence like: ‘She wrote a letter to her sister.’ Then the students invent variations,either by changing one element at a time: ‘She wrote a letter to her husband’11. Comparing thingsPresent the class with two different (preferably concrete) nouns, such as: an elephantand a pencil; the Prime Minister and a flower; a car and a person (preferably usingvocabulary the class has recently learnt). Or by finding differences; ‘The PrimeMinister is noisy and a flower is silent. Or similarities; ‘Both a car and a person need fuelto keep them going’.12. Conditional ChainThis game is good to revise and practise structures in the first conditional. The teacherbegins with a sentence, for example “If I go out tonight, I’ll go to the cinema.” The next

They are bringing everybody to the campus

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

“They are bringing everybody to the campus. It will be large enough for 900 people,” says Terry Jacobs, a partner in JacobsWyper Architects in Center City. The firm has worked with Wawa since 1984, when cofounder Jacobs helped the consulting firm Touche Ross design Wawa’s computer building.

It was a solemn subject and I didn’t quite understand why Schwarzenegger had agreed to debate it in public, with me or anyone else except maybe Karl Rove. He was raving and snarling into his cell phone about something that had to do with Arriana Huffington, so we tried to ignore him as the limo crept along in a grid lock traffic jam. Tempers were rising and there were no ice cubes and we were sure to be late for the TV debate.

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They came, they saw, they conquered. Yes, we are talking about the Beatles, the biggest super groups ever produced in the history of music. A Liverpool based English group which began in the 1960s with a bunch of teenage prodigies; the Beatles or more popularly ‘Fab Four’, comprised legendry John Lennon (1940 1980), Paul McCartney (1942 ), George Harrison (1943 2001) and Ringo Starr (1940 ), went ahead and became one of the biggest music acts of the twentieth century and sold multi million albums throughout the continent..

My wife and children have done what they could to keep me kempt over the years, making sure my trouser legs are not tucked into my socks and that those socks are a matched pair. Friends, neighbors and even complete strangers feel obliged to become involved. Once at a party I noticed a pretty woman kept looking my way..

The platoon is comprised of women from across Russia, many who are champion athletes in national competition. In addition to required army training, the vigorous and polished girl soldiers also passed the same demanding course of training that is dished out to their male counterparts. The number of female officers in Russia’s service has risen to over 2,000, with more than 400 senior officers, including over 100 colonels and lieutenant colonels.