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Breakfast with Tesco for Florence Fred

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Breakfast with Tesco for Florence Fred

On Tuesday morning I got up bright and early and headed off to Ely CHQ for the launch of Tesco summer swimwear collection to be greeted by gorgeous fruit cocktails (virgin, of course), fruit salad and more danishes than you could shake a stick (or a fork) at.

I was particularly enamoured with their range of holiday and maxi dresses expect for some Tesco items to be making an appearance in my column over the summer, when the weather gets brighter (or, more likely, people go on more holidays!). I afraid that the lighting was really dim in Ely, and the effort required to cart items upstairs for photographing seemed a bit excessive, so I have to wait for the official product shots but I can give you a little glimpse at the footwear!

Prices are seriously competitive, unsurprisingly, and Tesco is really banking on people natural tendency towards impulse buying very few of my supermarket visits end without a few unwanted items making it into the trolley. These include, but are not limited to, random books, knickers, tights, DVDs, household appliances (!). I know, I know; it not buying clothes that get me going, it buying anything.

The maxi dresses were all in or around 21 (and really nice) and bikini separates (which I love; my bust is slightly larger than my hips, or at least, it used to be, the last time I needed to buy a bikini) start at 4.50. They also have a great line in kids swimsuits, with T shirts and shorts to protect them from the sun. Genius!