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August 31st, 2014

Loan Modification has become the solution of choice for people facing unaffordable mortgages and foreclosure, but as the market for mortgage assistance grows, the number of misinformed homeowners is also rising steadily. A lot of people enter loan modifications with serious misconceptions, and end up making the wrong decisions, based on inaccurate information.

So how do you tell fact from fiction? Can a loan modification really stop foreclosure and solve all your mortgage problems? This guide shows you some of the most common myths about loan modification, and the truth behind them.

Technically, you can but it takes a lot more work and the results probably won’t be the payday loans Loss Mitigation is one of a bank’s busiest departments; a typical loss mitigation officer can handle as many as 800 cases at a time.

These people are over whelmed and do not have time to deal with your problem adequately. It’s not uncommon to be passed from one agent to another, and never get any real answers.

A loan modification attorney, on the other hand, can talk directly to your lender, and use significant leverage to get your file to the top of the agents’s stack. When a lawyer represents you, the calls get returned faster, you get more personalized service, and you gain the capability to actually obtain the type of loan you can need.

Myth 2: Your lender would rather foreclose than modify your loan.

In some cases, foreclosure is the more practical option. But according to a Tower Group study, lenders lose substantial money with every foreclosure, and are required to increase their reserves in addition. The banks already own too many foreclosure properties and have too many non performing loans on their books.payday loans direct They would much prefer to adjust your mortgage to something affordable and convert your loan into a performing asset. Don’t be intimidated by threats of foreclosure.

Myth 3: You can’t stop the foreclosure process.

It’s true that your chances dwindle the longer you wait, but until your home is auctioned off, no one can really kick you out. A loan modification can stop the process as close as seven days before the sale date. This buys you enough time to get back on your feet while your lawyers work out a better arrangement with your lender. Of course, it’s always better if you take steps early on.

Myth 4: It’s an instant solution to mortgage problems.

Loan modifications really work, but they take time, the right expertise, and money. Depending on how far behind you are, the process can take anywhere from one to three months. But since it stops the foreclosure process, you won’t have to worry about losing your home while the modification is under way. If you submit your paperwork on time and cooperate with your lawyer, you can speed up the process and avoid complications.

Myth 5: You need good credit to qualify.

Standard requirements vary from lender to lender, but the bottom line is that the loan modification should make financial sense to your bank. Your credit rating doesn’t have anything to do with it. Your lender will want proof that falling behind was a temporary snag, and that you can afford to stay on track if they do modify your loan. This means you have to have a job and a valid proof of hardship. You don’t need to disclose your credit rating in most circumstances

Myth 6: Loan Modification companies are scams. Companies take your money, but don’t really do any thing.

In any business there are always some unscrupulous people, but you can find legitimate organizations that will help you. The important idea in loan modification is to work only with an experienced and knowledgeable law firm or attorney who has a track record of success. You should thoroughly check on the background of anyone who claims to be able to do a loan modification before you spend your money.


August 31st, 2013

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a program administered by the Social Security Administration to provide assistance to those who are disabled or blind and have limited income and resources. As of 2011, the SSI monthly benefit rate was $674 for individuals and $1,011 for couples.paydayloans16 Student loans are funds, borrowed by students, intended for educational and other related expenses. Student loans may come from financial institutions, government agencies, or even relatives, but must be paid back. In many cases, students do not need to begin repayment of loans until after graduation.

The Social Security Agency does not consider money acquired through loans to be part of your income. Therefore, if you get student loans through a financial institution, government agency or even from a friend or relative, the money you receive will have no impact on your SSI check in the month that you receive the loan. You must enter into a valid loan agreement, which is enforceable under state law, for the Social Security Agency to consider the money that you receive as loan funds. A valid loan agreement can be oral or in writing.

If you receive a student loan but do not immediately use all of the funds from the loan, you may exceed your SSI resource limit and affect your SSI payday loans While student loans do not count towards your income, any funds from a loan that you do not spend within the month that you receive the loan are considered a financial resource. If the value of your resources, which includes cash, property, land and vehicles, is more than $3,000, you are no longer eligible for SSI benefits. Therefore, you must spend your student loan funds on education and other expenses as soon as possible after receipt to avoid risking your SSI eligibility.

Strong Flounder Fishing

July 20th, 2011

Dennis went out on a charter and just last week caught 24 flounder in 1 trip.  Of the 24, 14 were keepers.  I can smell a fish fry in the future.  The mullet have been running and are the perfect size for catching flounder.  Look for a break in the current near a flat and drop.

We are back fishing!

June 27th, 2011

It has been a while since our last post.  Fishing season has moved forward again in a great way.  We are catching Black and Red Drum in inlets as well as some Flounder.  The Flounder coming in have gotten bigger each week.  Last week we had multiple 7 lb + Flounder and it will only get better.  Offshore is strong as well.  Come by the store to get all the latest updates and all of the best ideas of how to have a great fishing day.

Fish Are Around!

December 13th, 2010

Some Trout are being caught in the holes along the beach.  Occasional Flounder as well, but it won’t last long with them the water is getting too cold.  Some Stripers up the river.  Reds are being caught in the mouth of the inlets as well as Whiting still on the deep flats.


November 4th, 2010

Fishing is really hot right now.  You can get a cooler full of spots from the piers, especially right after a storm.  Use small pieces of shrimp or bloodworms on small double rigs and catch them two at a time.

Whiting are in the river and in the surf.  Use the same rig for them that you would for spots.  Shrimp or sand fleas work best.

Red drum are in the surf and the channels.  Use shrimp, live mullet, live menhaden, salt mullet or Gulp! on a jighead.

Specs are starting to move a lot.  Fish for them like you would for Reds or throw a Gotcha or Mirrolure.

Flounder are doing well right now.  Fish for them like a Red as well.

You can also find some nice Blues.

Remember to come by the store for all your fishing needs.  We give free fishing tips as well.

Weather Cooling Down. Fishing Heating Up!

October 23rd, 2010

This is the time of the year that most wait for.  On the piers the spots are moving with the weather patterns and the wind.  The flounder bite has increased greatly.  Pick your days and catch all of the redfish you can handle just off the beach.  Come by the store and get the latest information and hit the water.

Huge Chopper Blues

September 28th, 2010

Mr. Marcus, king of the cut, was fishing from shore last week and caught a huge Blue.  He was 30″ long and a hair over 10lbs.  The blues were busting mullet schools about 3 hours before dead low tide.  I had a mullet hooked through the mouth with a circle hook and an extra long 40# fluorocarbon leader with a barrel swivel, bead and 3/4 oz. sinker.  The Blue took it and ran all but 3 twist off of my real.  He finally turned and came towards shore and was landed.  The hook set perfect in the corner of the mouth away from the teeth, otherwise he would have just cut the line.  People were just watching them bust mullet from their boat but never targeted them.  If they would have free lined a live mullet, they could have had as much fun as me and more.

Virginia Mullet have arrived in the surf!

September 28th, 2010

Over the weekend, I saw a group of people catching these great tasting fish on every cast.  Since then the bottom fell out and we have so much rain that it might have risen the Atlantic.  When the fresh water clears out some, they will be back.  Use small pieces of fresh shrimp from the store or catch some sand fleas.  Both work well.

Fishing and Weather is HOT!!!

August 13th, 2010

Right now the mullet have moved into full swing and so has the fishing.  Everywhere inshore people are catching good size Flounder and Drum.  The Spanish move through the cut at the first incoming tide and are busting the mullet schools.  Float a rig in the current, use a good leader and hold on.  For Flounder rig a mullet with a Carolina Rig and cast into the break points of the current.  For the Drum, rig a mullet and cast it into the mouth of a small overflow area.  When the tides are dropping you will find the Reds coming to feed.